Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding Inspiration with Anthony Eaton

Anthony Eaton - not typing for this photo

I was a little ambivalent about attending a half-day seminar at the ACT Writers Centre entitled 'Finding Inspiration' with Anthony Eaton. It was a gamble to know what I would get out of it.
But I'm glad I made the effort.
I'm accustomed to writing technical material on a daily basis, but creative writing for me is a hit and miss affair - there are times when the words just die on the page.
Hearing Tony's similar experiences and how he overcame them was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.
Those times when my words die on the page - I secretly thought that there was something wrong with me and I lacked the necessary talent to be a creative writer, but I discovered from Tony that I was simply jumping in too soon with my ideas and needed to build the ideas more before putting a story together.
Boy, what a relief!
With the simple practical strategies that Tony gave us, such as gathering ideas into a single folder for a book project, I know I can keep building-up a story idea for a time until it's ready to work into a manuscript.
I've now purchased two folders for two manuscripts that I'm keen to work on.
When a seminar gives me practical strategies that change the way I do things, then it was DEFINITELY worth the time and effort.
Thanks Tony. Now I'll read your books too!

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